Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Day 3

After enjoying a fun day celebrating my Birthday on my bike, it was back to business.  Actually, it was more like another fun day on the bike.  I always have fun riding on my bike, birthday, or not!

It was another hot day of riding.  I watched as all the riders left.  After I was sure they all had left, I followed the last rider up the steep climb to the highway.  Like in previous years, we all walked up!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Day 2

On Day 2 of Tour De Jasper, I woke up a little stiff.  But after some coffee, that was soon lost!.  I was all eager to go as it was my Birthday and I felt that riding my bicycle was the best way to celebrate it!  I left Purden Campsite when I 'thought' that everyone was on their way.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Destination BC Blog - Jasper to Prince George by Train

Hello BC Blog Post #2

My latest blog post at the Hello BC blog is now online!  Show your support and check it out.  If you can, share it on Twitter, Facebook (LIKE it too), or other Social Media.  I really am enjoying posting for Destination BC and am having lots of fun thinking of up posts! 


Tour De Jasper- stay tuned

  My adventures are just as AMAZING!  (my opinion, of course)
I've just finished Adventure #2 and am returning to the reality of everyday life!

Where is this and why am I here?

I have started work on putting together the remaining posts for Tour De Jasper and   am also working on the post for my other adventure.  And never mind about the Ramblers......  Hmmm, reality bites, need some more adventure!  Going to need more money to do it...

Anyways, I am sure that it will be an adventure just to post about my adventures here.  Stay tuned for Tour De Jasper, Part II and other adventures!


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