Monday, December 30, 2013

Latest Explore BC Post - The Copper Pig BBQ House in Prince George

The Copper Pig BBQ House in Prince George

Do you love Barbecued food?  Then you just have to eat out at the Copper Pig BBQ House.  I think they serve the best barbecued food in the city!  Check out my blog post now at  (and yes, I even biked there for a fun night out)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

North Nechako Hills - Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers -

(Written on November 3)
Another weekend has come and there's still no snow!  It's a great day to get out to do another hike with the Caledonia Ramblers.  On Sunday, November 3, I joined them for a local hike up in the North Nechako area.  It was nice to be able to sleep in, but still take a hike in!

I am amazed at how many sunny days that we have been getting and this particular Sunday, it was no exception.  At least 19 people showed up to enjoy the good weather and views.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Latest Explore BC Post - Exploring Quesnel, the Gold Pan City

Exploring Quesnel, the Gold Pan City

Check out my post on the neat little town of Quesnel.  I really love the walking bridge and Granville's Coffee, among other things there.  Great place to visit!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Slim Creek Provincial Park - Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers

On October 27, I joined the Ramblers for another exciting hike.  This particular day, we would be hiking in Slim Creek Provincial Park, just across from the Ancient Forest.  Even though it didn't get very warm that day, when the sun was shining, it seemed to warm things up a bit.  We had a good turnout of 12 people who wanted to explore the area.  As there is no trail, we would be bushwhacking, but it would turn out to not be nearly as bad as the infamous Ramblers bushwhack hikes with Mike Nash.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Latest Explore BC Post - Exploring Pinnacles Provincial Park

Exploring Pinnacles Provincial Park

Did you know that near Quesnel, there are some very neat Hoodoos? Check out my post about my recent hike there with fellow Rambler, Nancy, at the Explore BC blog now!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Huble Farm Family Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers

On the Thanksgiving weekend, I joined the Caledonia Ramblers and the Huble Homestead for the Huble Farm Family hike.  The weather was incredibly good that weekend, and we were surrounded by the beautiful colour of Autumn.  Nineteen people, including some children, showed up for the interpretive hike.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bike Racks Rant

I'm steaming mad.  The attitude towards cyclists sometimes gets to me.  I usually leave my bike inside, but today, I decided to lock it outside today at work.

This is what I found when I returned.

Boy am I pissed!  I've NEVER seen ANYONE take offence if I lock my bike on their racks.  There is only 2 racks near where I work, and the OTHER one is NOT bolted down, so it's completely useless.   Ok, you have a small rack, but there was no problem for another bike to be locked on it today..(I saw NO other bikes) and what's with the tiny rack anyways? We need more bike racks, what they have is a tiny amount.  Even grocery shopping, it can be tricky finding a place to lock the bike up - the replacement for one that recently rusted out there, is HALF the size of the other one.  What's with that?

But anyways, I think that BMO should put more racks up.. and the other one near another store, should be bolted down, what's with that...?  Why is it not bolted down?  I agree with a friend who said that unbolted bike racks are one of her big pet peeves.  (the other pet peeve was... you guess it - the lack of bike racks!)

I never want to get a car just show people that it is possible to live without a car, around town anyways!

Anyways, sorry about my mumble jumble, just trying to get the angry state of mind cleared out...

Anyone else deal with issues like this?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

What? It's November already?! Biking Woes

"What do you mean we are in storage?  How could you!"

What?  What do you mean it is November? I swear that Summer was only a short time ago.

Not that has stopped me from riding around town still, although now I am bundled up. There was a threat of snow today, but none fell.  I know it's coming though!  Even though I've biked in Winter, people can't believe that I am biking in such cold weather.  No different then walking really, just dress for it!

Sadly though, I have no beater bike this year to ride on when the snow finally does fall.  Floyd bit the dust earlier this year, and I haven't found a replacement for her.  Or rather, I found a 'replacement', but I then fell in love with the bike and just can't bear to 'trash' it during the Winter.  Heck, I even put flowers on her so she's not even dressed for it! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Latest Explore BC Post - A fall day trip to Vanderhoof, BC

A fall day trip to Vanderhoof, BC

What can you do while you are in Vanderhoof? Lots! You can read all about my recent adventures there by visiting the Hello BC - Explore BC Blog.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumn in the Ancient Forest

On September 22, I joined the Ramblers for a hike at the Ancient Forest, which is over 100 kms east of  Prince George.  There were over 10 people who came on the hike which was led by Nowell.  The Ancient Forest has many Ancient Cedars that are over 1000 years old!  It is a very unique and special place, as it's an Interior Rainforest (Snowforest).  There are not too many places in the world where you will find them.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Making the most of Summer

The current beautiful Autumn days that we are having, remind me of the last of the Summer days that we had in September.

On the same weekend that the Caledonia Ramblers did a hike up Caledonia Mountain on September 15 (only a month ago), I decided to stay home instead of hiking with the club.  Though, looking at some of the photos of the hike, it would have been a great photo-op day there!  But not to worry, I took some awesome photos in the City and surrounding areas.   You really don't have to go far to play with the camera and get some great photos.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Northern BC Summers- Boulder Mountain

A couple of weeks before the gorgeous summer weather ended (September 1), I got to take in another spectacular hike with the Caledonia Ramblers.  We were going to hike up Boulder Mountain, which is over 1 hours drive East by LaSalle Lake.  You may recall that LaSalle Lake is where we camped the second night on Tour De Jasper in July.  I didn't realize that I've seen Boulder every time I ride.. I just could recognize which peak it was.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Prince George Farmer's Market Blog Post

Here's the other post that was published today (well, back published for Sept. 22).  I wrote up about our local Farmer's Market, which is really neat.   It's a great place to get fresh produce and other items.  Autumn is my favourite time to go there as there is so much fresh produce to choose from!

As you can, I've been very busy, and I haven't been able to post here on my own blog as much as I want to.  But, I am really enjoying the special opportunity given, to post at the Destination BC blog.  There is so much that I want to share to others about British Columbia, and the site is geared for those interested in visiting this province.  Not to worry though, I do have a few posts that are pending here.. I just have to edit them, and push publish! :)  But for now, enjoy these two posts that I created.

Biking to Ness Lake Blog Post

Things are busy around here these days.  Here is one of two posts published today at the Destination BC blog.

This post is all about my ride with my friends out to Ness Lake in the Summer.  Check it out now at

Take on PG interview

Recently, I was interviewed by Tourism PG for their Take On PG campaign which highlights 365 fun things to do around the city.  The post is about my take on things that I like to do in the city.  It just got published yesterday, and I like that it has a bit of a bike theme going on as that is so me!

Anyways, go check it out now at

I think Take on PG is a great campaign!  Prince George is a great place to live, there is so much to do and nature is so close by.  I felt honoured to be posted on the website.

Monday, September 23, 2013

West Coast Trail Blog Post

My West Coast Trail blog post for Destination BC has finally been published.  Trust me, it was worth the wait!  Show your support and check it out now at

It was VERY hard not to post anything about it beforehand, as it was such a fabulous trip!

Northern BC Summers - Raven Lake

This Summer we have been having fantastic weather!  To make the most of it, I've been out hiking on many of the Caledonia Rambler's hikes on the weekend in August.  On August , I joined the club for a hike up Raven Lake/Grizzly Den.  We were going to be hiking 17 kms.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Epilogue

Me and one of the riders from Alabama
The riding part of Tour De Jasper is now over for another year.  But Tour De Jasper is not quite over yet.

On Day 5, after meeting for brunch, we hang around for a few hours in Jasper before catching the train home.  As it's a very hot day, I don't do a lot, but try to keep cool!  Our bikes would be going home on two trailers.

Do you want to read more about the train trip home to Prince George?  I have posted about it at the Destination BC Blog which you can find at   Check it out now!

To end this year's edition of Tour De Jasper posts, here is a photo of someone else who was trying to keep cool on the Tour.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Day 4

We awoke to another clear day.   It was great to get such good weather, it had been a few years since it has been so nice on the ride.  Today we were headed to Jasper, our destination of the tour.  It always seems to go too fast!

Destination BC - A new post about bicycling

Exploring Vancouver by bicycle

Another exciting post of mine has been published at Destination BC's blog.  It's all about bicycling around Vancouver.  Check it out now at  Show your support and like the page or retweet it!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Day 3

After enjoying a fun day celebrating my Birthday on my bike, it was back to business.  Actually, it was more like another fun day on the bike.  I always have fun riding on my bike, birthday, or not!

It was another hot day of riding.  I watched as all the riders left.  After I was sure they all had left, I followed the last rider up the steep climb to the highway.  Like in previous years, we all walked up!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Day 2

On Day 2 of Tour De Jasper, I woke up a little stiff.  But after some coffee, that was soon lost!.  I was all eager to go as it was my Birthday and I felt that riding my bicycle was the best way to celebrate it!  I left Purden Campsite when I 'thought' that everyone was on their way.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Destination BC Blog - Jasper to Prince George by Train

Hello BC Blog Post #2

My latest blog post at the Hello BC blog is now online!  Show your support and check it out.  If you can, share it on Twitter, Facebook (LIKE it too), or other Social Media.  I really am enjoying posting for Destination BC and am having lots of fun thinking of up posts!

Tour De Jasper- stay tuned

  My adventures are just as AMAZING!  (my opinion, of course)
I've just finished Adventure #2 and am returning to the reality of everyday life!

Where is this and why am I here?

I have started work on putting together the remaining posts for Tour De Jasper and   am also working on the post for my other adventure.  And never mind about the Ramblers......  Hmmm, reality bites, need some more adventure!  Going to need more money to do it...

Anyways, I am sure that it will be an adventure just to post about my adventures here.  Stay tuned for Tour De Jasper, Part II and other adventures!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Post on Explore BC

The Explore BC blog by Destination BC is now open to the public!  You can view my first post there and posts by others by visiting the Explore BC Blog

My post is located at:

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Day 1

First day of Tour De Jasper
Another year of Tour De Jasper has come and gone.  I was so happy to get the chance to ride with the tour again.  This was my fourth year in a row riding on the tour.  I volunteered again to be the sweep, which basically meant making sure that no one was left behind. This is a relaxing tour, it's a great way to get into bicycle touring.  They carry all your gear, feed you very well, and there is a mechanic on duty.  It is not a race, so you really can enjoy the scenery all around you!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chillout before Amazing Adventure #1

Today is the last day before Amazing Adventure #1!  Tour De Jasper will be a relatively short trip, but lot's of fun!  I tried to 'relax' today, but it was more like an anxious relax.  One of my snowshoe buddies invited me out for a pre-birthday celebration at Ohh Chocolat!  Which, coincidentally, my Amazing Race buddy, Peter, designed their web-page for.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Just passing time

I love holidays!  Mine just begun the other day and I've taken the chance to rest for them to prepare for the active adventures ahead.  Today, I was feeling much too lazy.  Since the sun was out and it was warm again, I wanted to get outside to enjoy it!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pride weekend

This past weekend, there was a lot going on.  There was the BMO Art Days, the usual Farmer's Market, and the Pride Parade.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yet another exciting Opportunity!

It seems that a lot of amazing opportunities seems to always come my way!  I've been published quite a few times in recent years, and I had a chance to apply for the Amazing Race earlier this year.

Well, another exciting opportunity has recently come my way!  Destination BC (formally Tourism BC) has offered me a chance to blog on their website for a year.  Since I already do that here and on the Caledonia Ramblers website, I couldn't refuse the offer!  It means that I will be kept even more busy posting on another blog, but at the same time, I would be doing something that I am already doing.  I am very excited about this opportunity to show people from around the world how awesome British Columbia, and in particular, the North Central part of the province is!

This blog will be a collaborative effort from a group of bloggers from all over the province.  Even so, I feel flattered to be offered the contract.  I hope that you check out the blog when it goes live next week. You can find the Destination BC Blog at,   I will post links to my posts at the Destination BC blog when my posts are published there.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Amazing Summer days!

Summer is here, yahoo!  I am so happy that the sun is out, and it is nice and warm.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tis the Season for training

Training for big backpacking trip.
 Summer is approaching fast and so is my Summer Adventure training.  I am going to be riding to Jasper for my fourth time and then I will be hiking for 7 days on the West Coast Trail.  This is the LONGEST backpacking trip that I will have ever done.  And my pack will weigh a ton!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adventures on Mt. Magnus

Vinje Grind - Mt. Magnus

Eleven hikers went on the Saturday, June 1st hike to Mt. Magnus led by 80+ year old Don.
On the drive out, we saw at least 8 bears/cubs!
Instead of having to have to take off boot to walk through the creek, Don drove those who chose not to walk across it, in his truck.  He then drove further up the road until he could turnaround.  It was nice not having to walk all the way up the road.  We then continued on foot up to the ridge.  It's a steep but short climb to get to the Alpine.  As it is the first to be snow free in the area, it's a great early season hike!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Viking Ridge in the Off Season

I've hiked up Viking Ridge many times, but always during hiking Season which runs from July until October.  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go up with my snowshoe/hiking friends who have a once a week Ladies only hike/snowshoe.

As there is still snow up high, we brought our snowshoes.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pimping my bicycle!

Big Red with big red handlebars!
 I've been using Big Red so much that I'm wearing her out.  This riding season I needed to get a new back wheel as the hub wore out.  While I was getting that done, I figured I should get a wider handlebar as the stock one that came with the bicycle doesn't have a lot of room for my items on it.  My bar-ends have only really been half on the bar. I was reminded by the Newport Bicycle shop about it....that it wasn't safe.  I have known that I probably should replace them since I bought the bar-ends.
Big Red with original stock handlebars

So I splurged!  I got a mid-range wheel to replace the stock one. And I replaced my boring black handlebars with some bright red ones that are much wider!  It really feels like a different bicycle then when I got it.  It's totally a touring bicycle now.  The bicycle shop said that it should feel more comfortable when touring and easier to breath as my arms are spread out a little more while holding onto the handlebars.
Not double-walled, but I think pretty strong wheel/rim

I spent a bit today, but she's totally one of a kind...and most of the part are not original, except for frame, front wheel, and the back derailleur.  Can't wait to tour with her this Summer!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Stop and pause

Hi there,

I've been so busy lately with stuff from the hiking club, and other items that I really haven't felt like posting here. Even though I have tons of awesome photos from snowshoe trips.  I'm still having fun when I can! I really love the ladies that I snowshoe with, they are such an inspiration.

I've been posting a ton at the Caledonia Ramblers Website, and their Facebook account, and that keeps me so busy.  I haven't abandoned here...just need to be inspired again to come back..

I will be hiking on the West Coast Trail soon after helping out (riding as a sweep) on Tour De Jasper again.. so there will be more material in the Summer.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pacific Coast Slideshow.

It is less then 1 month until my slideshow about my bike tour:

Join Carolyn Ibis and Deanna Walker as they show photos and talk about their amazing 16 day bicycle ride down the Pacific Coast! From the tip of Oregon down to San Francisco and in between, they never would know how each day of riding would unfold. It definitely was an adventure that they will never forget.

They both hope to inspire others to try out bicycle touring.

Me and my co-rider, Deanna Walker, will be doing the presentation at Artspace, which is located above Books and Company.

Date:  April 19
Time:  7:00 pm
Location:  Artspace (above Books and Company on 3rd Ave)

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Amazing Race Tryout

I haven't been as much on the site lately, though there are snowshoe articles in waiting.  There's been a VERY good reason why I've not been here.  I've been focusing on creating an audition video for the Amazing Race Canada!  Yes, it's coming to Canada and since I am the crazy adventure person, I had to try out for it along with my friend Peter, who I know from the hiking club.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Badger 360° LED Jacket now on Kickstart

Yeh,  Badger gear is giving it's Badger 360° LED jacket another chance to become reality!  They have listed it at Kickstart and the money needed to make it a reality is much more attainable.  So there still is hope for this jacket going on the market!  I've made and pledge and if you interested in this jacket becoming reality, I urge you to pledge also.  I think it's a worthy project to support.

You can visit the site and pledge by going to

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Return to a Sunny Sugarbowl

The next Saturday (January) after the club hike, we returned to Sugarbowl, on a non-club hike.  I had so much fun with the ladies, that I HAD to go with them again.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A day of fun at Sugarbowl

This past Saturday, I went on the hike up Sugarbowl led by Brenda.  The last time I had snowshoed up a mountain, I didn't make it to the top and it was a long day!  So I was a bit nervous about trying it again.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back to the Grand Canyon of the Fraser

Message left for us where we parked the cars

Last Sunday, I went on the Rambler's snowshoe trip to the Grand Canyon of the Fraser.  It was a cold -25 c the day before, so the first thing that I did when I got out of bed that morning was check the temperature.  If it was -20 or colder, I would have cancelled my ride to the meeting place and went back to bed!  As luck would have it, it was -18, so I decided to do the trip.  And I was sure glad that I did.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Memories of Grand Canyon of the Fraser

Tomorrow, the Caledonia Ramblers will be doing a snowshoe trip to the Grand Canyon of the Fraser which is over 100 kms east of Prince George -.  I haven't been there for a few years.  It is always easier getting there in the Winter as there isn't much of a trail in the Summer, so it requires a lot of bushwhacking!

I've dug up some photos from a snowshoe trip that we did there in 2006.  It was a fun trip!  This area has lots of history, the steamboats used to go through here.
That's Purden Ski Hill

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Corky Lake Video

I just realized that I forgot to post the little video I created on the Corky Lake Snowshoe trip..... club members have started making videos for the website now and I thought that I would join in...  Enjoy!

Corky Lake Snowshoe

There was an even bigger group on today's snowshoe trip to Corky Lake.  25 people showed up for the trip! I am amazed at the interest in snowshoeing.  But it's hard not to see why it's gaining popularity.  Once you invest in a pair of good snowshoes, it's a cheap fun activity that costs hardly anything.  There are many places that you can snowshoe for free.


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