Sunday, February 24, 2013

Amazing Race Tryout

I haven't been as much on the site lately, though there are snowshoe articles in waiting.  There's been a VERY good reason why I've not been here.  I've been focusing on creating an audition video for the Amazing Race Canada!  Yes, it's coming to Canada and since I am the crazy adventure person, I had to try out for it along with my friend Peter, who I know from the hiking club.
I've got an article about us signing up for it in the local Free Press.  You can view it at

I have featured Peter on a few blog posts when we were geocaching together.

Peter likes climbing
 I've done tons of crazy things like Paragliding, ziplining, horseback riding, canyoneering, rappelling down waterfalls, kayaking, and........ playing with spiders.  :)
Scared of spiders?
Wish us luck!  It's a long shot to get selected, but worth the try.  And heh, at least we will have one cool video to share with the world and plenty more future adventures to do!

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