I was featured (and photo published) in the geocaching article in the May/June 2011 issue of the Legion Magazine.  Click the photo to look at the article online.

-I was interviewed by Melanie Watts in August 2011 about Bike Commuting.  It was published in the December issue of Northword Magazine.
"An interview that I did in August for a friend, just got published.  It's all about us tough riders of Northern British Columbia. My friend Peggy, is also featured in the article.  Ironically, even though the magazine is from here, and we all live in the North, the actual interview was done in Vancouver by MEC in August!  If you live in this area, you should pick up a copy.  There is a listing where you can find this free magazine by going to the website at "

You can read the article by clicking the link:

-Photos and a writeup written by me (edited by friend, Laura G.) was published on September 22, 2011, in the Sunnyside, WA, newspaper, the Daily Sun News. 

The article was published in the September 22, 2011 edition of the Daily Sun News, from Sunnyside, Washington, United States on page 8. The Daily Sun News website is located at   My friend Laura Gjovaag, is a Reporter for the newspaper and she edited the article.

A photo of mine was published in the November 29th 2011 edition of the Prince George Citizen.  The photo will be published on the back of the book that this lady wrote. I took the photo on the left.
Full photo in all it's glory
You can find the article at

Another photo of the series of photos that I took of Jo Selkirk was published in the December 2nd, 2011 edition of the Free Press.  You can view it online by clicking this link:

February 22, 2013

The Prince George Free Press printed an article about me and my friend Peter applying for the Amazing Race Canada.

You can view the whole article by visiting the Free Press website -

2013- I am currently freelance blogging for Destination BC.  You can find the blog at

Current List of blog posts:

Post #1 Huble Homestead Historic Site

Post #2 Jasper to Prince George by Train

I currently have 6 post published as of October 2, 2013.  You can view them all by visiting my profile at the Destination BC Website.

I am featured in Tourism PG's Take on PG campaign that they are currently running.

A photo of mine taken at the Ancient Forest was published in an article in the Dec/Jan 2013/14 issue of Northwords Magazine.  The article was written by Amanda Follet

I wrote an article for the magazine for the BC Columbians in Canada organization, which is to be published online in March, 2014.

A photo or two was published in the Tourism Prince George's latest trail Guide...

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