Monday, January 5, 2015

Posting Break

Christmas Day with the Caledonia Ramblers
As you can see, I haven't posted for a bit.  I have been feeling much more inspired to work on the Caledonia Rambler's website, rather then mine.  I am not sure why, perhaps I think I am not as important at the hiking club.  I mean, I'm just a person.  But then I remind myself that people do like to hear about my crazy adventures.  I also know that you shouldn't force post stuff if you aren't inspired by it.  The hiking club and it's website is so much a part of my life and I want to work my hardest at it as it is such an important club/website to many.  I can see myself doing that for many many more years.  I am definitely passionate about it as many who know me can attest to.

I think for now I'll not worry about posting here until I feel some inspiration again.  I haven't even really been taking as much photographs as I was in the past, though I do feel the need to take some on club trips for the club website to promote the club's activities which I feel is important.

I do have a big adventure planned this year, the Inca Trail in Peru and also traveling a bit in Bolivia, so all is not lost!  I don't know, I just don't want to feel forced to post if I am not up to it.  I hope you understand.  I will keep this open for future posts.  If you miss my stuff, a lot of my photos and stuff does end up at

I hope you don't mind, I actually feel flattered that people would want to hear about my adventures.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dad. my Inspiration!

I had to say a final Good-bye to my awesome Dad  near the end of November.  He was the one that inspired me to love the outdoors!  He was a good Dad... going to miss him.

I will do a writeup later today or in the next few days about him as I am typing this up insanely early in the morning, but here's the obituary that I wrote up for him.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hiking in Jasper on the September long weekend.

I planned to lead a club hiking trip to Jasper on the September long weekend.   But that fell through.  It's one thing to lead a day hike, but another thing to organize a weekend one.  I reserved a spot at the Whistler's group campsite way back in Spring, and paid the small $20 deposit.  It would be a great cheap way for the club to enjoy the park!

But alas, due the rainy weather forecasted, I didn't have enough people interested and I had to cancel the club trip almost at the last moment.
But not to fear!  Fellow club member, Uta, who wanted to go on the trip, STILL wanted to go on the trip, even if it was not part of the club.  Even though I had just biked through there in August, I was excited to return.

We drove out on Saturday morning, stopping by some rivers, including one in Valemont, to see if any Salmon were spawing.  We spotted some in Valemont.

Afterwards. we continued on to Jasper. As it was still raining, we decided to keep dry at the Jasper Park Lodge.  It reminded me of hotel in the Shining, for some reason.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 Bicycle Adventures - Back to Jasper


Two days up to the Columbia Icefield, only one back down to Jasper!

While camping overnight at the Icefield, I decided to bike back to Jasper rather then ride down to Lake Louise.  I hadn't reserved a seat on the bus from Lake Louse to Jasper, and didn't want to chance it.  It turned out to be a good decision.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 Bicycle Adventures - Onwards to Columbia Icefield

Up to the Columbia Icefield

Next morning, I woke up and packed up after eating my breakfast.  I said goodbye to all those whom I had met at the campsite and headed on my way to the Columbia Icefield.  As the day before, I was only going to be riding 50 km.  It would give me plenty of time, to reach the Icefield and give me extra time afterwards to explore the area.

Again, the weather was very good, not too hot, but not rainy.  I took my time riding towards the pass.  I met a cyclist from Boston along the way, who was headed to Jasper.  He had a home built chain gard on his Breezer bicycle.

Cyclist from Boston


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