Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Viking Ridge in the Off Season

I've hiked up Viking Ridge many times, but always during hiking Season which runs from July until October.  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go up with my snowshoe/hiking friends who have a once a week Ladies only hike/snowshoe.

As there is still snow up high, we brought our snowshoes.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pimping my bicycle!

Big Red with big red handlebars!
 I've been using Big Red so much that I'm wearing her out.  This riding season I needed to get a new back wheel as the hub wore out.  While I was getting that done, I figured I should get a wider handlebar as the stock one that came with the bicycle doesn't have a lot of room for my items on it.  My bar-ends have only really been half on the bar. I was reminded by the Newport Bicycle shop about it....that it wasn't safe.  I have known that I probably should replace them since I bought the bar-ends.
Big Red with original stock handlebars

So I splurged!  I got a mid-range wheel to replace the stock one. And I replaced my boring black handlebars with some bright red ones that are much wider!  It really feels like a different bicycle then when I got it.  It's totally a touring bicycle now.  The bicycle shop said that it should feel more comfortable when touring and easier to breath as my arms are spread out a little more while holding onto the handlebars.
Not double-walled, but I think pretty strong wheel/rim

I spent a bit today, but she's totally one of a kind...and most of the part are not original, except for frame, front wheel, and the back derailleur.  Can't wait to tour with her this Summer!


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