Monday, May 13, 2013

Pimping my bicycle!

Big Red with big red handlebars!
 I've been using Big Red so much that I'm wearing her out.  This riding season I needed to get a new back wheel as the hub wore out.  While I was getting that done, I figured I should get a wider handlebar as the stock one that came with the bicycle doesn't have a lot of room for my items on it.  My bar-ends have only really been half on the bar. I was reminded by the Newport Bicycle shop about it....that it wasn't safe.  I have known that I probably should replace them since I bought the bar-ends.
Big Red with original stock handlebars

So I splurged!  I got a mid-range wheel to replace the stock one. And I replaced my boring black handlebars with some bright red ones that are much wider!  It really feels like a different bicycle then when I got it.  It's totally a touring bicycle now.  The bicycle shop said that it should feel more comfortable when touring and easier to breath as my arms are spread out a little more while holding onto the handlebars.
Not double-walled, but I think pretty strong wheel/rim

I spent a bit today, but she's totally one of a kind...and most of the part are not original, except for frame, front wheel, and the back derailleur.  Can't wait to tour with her this Summer!

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