Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 PGCC Bike Swap

1970 Phillips Bicycle from England w a nice mudflap

Today I helped out at the local bike swap.  I was on the lookout for a replacement Winter Bike as Floyd wore out this past Winter.  The good thing about helping out is I can check bikes out ahead of time.  I was tempted by a few bikes including a Rocky Mountain, a Kona, and a Peugeot.  As the Peugeot was much too nice to trash that was out, although it sold for a great price of only $100!  I'd say it's better getting a bike here then buying a new $100 bike at Walmart. 

I bought this for only $40!
The Bike mechanics on hand can tell you how good of shape that the bicycles are in.   The Peugeot was in great shape!  But alas, I need one that I don't mind trashing in Winter.

The sweet Peugeot only went for $100, great deal!
Erin tries out a bicycle

This $200 Kona tempted me
I decided to get this nice Free Spirit.  It's also in great shape.. original parts including tires and tubes.  The tires were flat and I couldn't pump them up.  When I took the bike home I checked the tube and was twisted.  Once I straightened them out, I pumped the tires up and the air held!  Pretty good for original tubes...
This Rocky Mountain also tempted me- but too short

This lady bought this 1950's bicycle

Calm before the storm.. big lineup at the start

This is the bicycle that I rode on top photo

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  1. Oh boy! Congrats on the new bike! Wish I was there, I probably would have bought a bike or 3 at those prices! Hard to find good cheap bikes down here in Vancouver.



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