Monday, September 23, 2013

West Coast Trail Blog Post

My West Coast Trail blog post for Destination BC has finally been published.  Trust me, it was worth the wait!  Show your support and check it out now at

It was VERY hard not to post anything about it beforehand, as it was such a fabulous trip!

Northern BC Summers - Raven Lake

This Summer we have been having fantastic weather!  To make the most of it, I've been out hiking on many of the Caledonia Rambler's hikes on the weekend in August.  On August , I joined the club for a hike up Raven Lake/Grizzly Den.  We were going to be hiking 17 kms.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Epilogue

Me and one of the riders from Alabama
The riding part of Tour De Jasper is now over for another year.  But Tour De Jasper is not quite over yet.

On Day 5, after meeting for brunch, we hang around for a few hours in Jasper before catching the train home.  As it's a very hot day, I don't do a lot, but try to keep cool!  Our bikes would be going home on two trailers.

Do you want to read more about the train trip home to Prince George?  I have posted about it at the Destination BC Blog which you can find at   Check it out now!

To end this year's edition of Tour De Jasper posts, here is a photo of someone else who was trying to keep cool on the Tour.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tour De Jasper 2013 - Day 4

We awoke to another clear day.   It was great to get such good weather, it had been a few years since it has been so nice on the ride.  Today we were headed to Jasper, our destination of the tour.  It always seems to go too fast!

Destination BC - A new post about bicycling

Exploring Vancouver by bicycle

Another exciting post of mine has been published at Destination BC's blog.  It's all about bicycling around Vancouver.  Check it out now at  Show your support and like the page or retweet it!


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