Saturday, February 9, 2013

Return to a Sunny Sugarbowl

The next Saturday (January) after the club hike, we returned to Sugarbowl, on a non-club hike.  I had so much fun with the ladies, that I HAD to go with them again.

I was more tired this day, but I just had to get to the top as it was forecast to be a sunny day.  Darned good incentive I'd say!  I brought some homemade Fruit Bars from a recipe that one of the friends to try out.  I am not really a baker, but I think that I did a pretty good job.  At least I know what's in it and it gives me a much needed boost of energy when needed.

After struggling up, we made it to the top and the sun was sneaking through the trees.  It was very beautiful and much warmer then the previous trip up.

While up top we watched some backcountry skiers do their thing, did some poses for the camera, and even played Fox and Goose.

Yeh!  Made it to the top!
Ventricular Clouds

I can't wait to do more snowshoe trips with the ladies, even if they are not club hikes.

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