Thursday, January 24, 2013

A day of fun at Sugarbowl

This past Saturday, I went on the hike up Sugarbowl led by Brenda.  The last time I had snowshoed up a mountain, I didn't make it to the top and it was a long day!  So I was a bit nervous about trying it again.

I borrowed some MSR snowshoes from the Caledonia Rambler's club president, Nowell as I don't have a proper pair for climbing up still inclines.  Despite the snow being hard at the bottom, it really wasn't too hard climbing up, in fact, it was just like hiking it, which I've done many times up this mountain.
 While climbing, a group of skiers on touring skis passed us.  They would be having a fun ride back down!
 At the top, it was snowing and a cold wind was blowing.  But that didn't stop us from having fun!  Debbie was the first by finding a treewell. 
I soon found my own treewell!

  I made a snow angel...

 I jumped for joy, although Debbie, below, made a much better shot.. the photo below was taken by Brenda M. who led the trip.
Snowshoeing is awesome!
Hey, where is that view you were talking about?
I really had fun with the photo shoot!  Thanks Brenda, for the most fun snowshoe trip that I've ever had!  I want more.......

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