Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back to the Grand Canyon of the Fraser

Message left for us where we parked the cars

Last Sunday, I went on the Rambler's snowshoe trip to the Grand Canyon of the Fraser.  It was a cold -25 c the day before, so the first thing that I did when I got out of bed that morning was check the temperature.  If it was -20 or colder, I would have cancelled my ride to the meeting place and went back to bed!  As luck would have it, it was -18, so I decided to do the trip.  And I was sure glad that I did.

Despite the cold weather the day before, we had a decent turnout.  When we drove out the place to park, there was another vehicle with a note on it for us.  It was another group of Ramblers that would meet up with us!  They were supposed to meet us at the lunch spot with a roaring fire, but as one of the member's leg fell through the ice into the cold river, they were delayed going in.  They started one hour before us.
View of Sugarbowl from the bog

It was about -10 while we were snowshoeing, so we got warm fast. I wore my down jacket for a bit, but soon stripped down layers to my shirt and wool vest.

Slipping and sliding down the hill to the River

After sliding down to the river, we met up with the other group that had left a note for us earlier.  It was great to see my awesome friends!  We continued onto the lunch spot.
We bumped into another group of Caledonia Ramblers

We had to be careful walking on the ice sheets

Water heading into the canyon

It was great to snowshoe with Deborah and Brenda again!
We had lunch at the canyon, then headed  back to our cars.  The other group took the long way back and we took the shortcut that we had taken coming in.  We still spent 5 hours snowshoeing and I was exhausted when I reached the cars.
Heading back to our cars
It was a great day to be out and I am glad that it wasn't too cold or too warm.  I couldn't wait to do the next snowshoe!  You can view more awesome photos taken by other club members and the trip report written by the trip leader, Dave King, but visiting the Caledonia Rambler's website.

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