Monday, October 14, 2013

Making the most of Summer

The current beautiful Autumn days that we are having, remind me of the last of the Summer days that we had in September.

On the same weekend that the Caledonia Ramblers did a hike up Caledonia Mountain on September 15 (only a month ago), I decided to stay home instead of hiking with the club.  Though, looking at some of the photos of the hike, it would have been a great photo-op day there!  But not to worry, I took some awesome photos in the City and surrounding areas.   You really don't have to go far to play with the camera and get some great photos.
Even though I didn't go hiking, I didn't want to sit around either.  I went for a bike ride East of the City for a bit.  The Fraser River looked weird with the clear water from the Nechako river blending in with the Fraser's muddy water.
As I went by the Airport, I saw an Air Cadet's glider fly past.  I decided to wait at the end of the runway to get a shot of it taking off.  But of course, this wasn't the runway that they were using that day.  So after waiting for a bit, I rode on. (on my way back, the glider suddenly appeared out of no where!)

I loved the Summer clouds this year, they were beautiful on many days.

There's this little garden by 15th Avenue that the City has made.  I didn't realize that it has sunflowers!  I love sunflowers, so off I went with my camera.

Later that day, I also rode through Cottonwood Park... I knew that this was the last bit of Summer, so I better darned enjoy it!  Here's a bit more of what I took that weekend.

Fraser River Bridge
I love macro

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