Monday, October 7, 2013

Northern BC Summers- Boulder Mountain

A couple of weeks before the gorgeous summer weather ended (September 1), I got to take in another spectacular hike with the Caledonia Ramblers.  We were going to hike up Boulder Mountain, which is over 1 hours drive East by LaSalle Lake.  You may recall that LaSalle Lake is where we camped the second night on Tour De Jasper in July.  I didn't realize that I've seen Boulder every time I ride.. I just could recognize which peak it was.

This was my first time hiking up Boulder and I was a bit nervous about it after hearing how challenging it was. We started off by hiking through some familiar Cedar forest.

I have always wanted to climb up Boulder, but never have until this point.  I heard about how hard it is to climb, so any time I had the chance to go on a trip to there, I did something else.  Not this time though, it was time to tackle it.

It was a steady, but not too steep climb up.  I was at the back taking photos and thought that we were way behind the main group.  But, when we reached the meadows, I soon realized that wasn't the case!  I elected to keep on going with my friend Gail until we would catch up with the others.  Or at least make the ridge.  Gail knew that we could do that.  The others behind us probably wouldn't make it, though I was hoping they would.  It turns out like us, they were confused where the trail was due to the lack of markers.  We just headed for the ridge and eventually found some blue ribbons marking the trail.
Water is safe to drink without a filter

Glacier topped mountain in distance

Soon we were on the ridge, and there we found all of the hikers who were ahead of us.  They were eating lunch.  We sat down and joined them.  Afterwards, some of the group decided to hike up the actual Boulder Mountain.

Boulder Mountain
The other group is on that peak
A lot of us, including me, stayed behind and had a little fun!  Time to bring out the bubbles, among other things.  It was very warm up top which made it that much more enjoyable.  And the views, the gorgeous views.

Bubble fun!

Suki and her heels

Girls just want to have fun!
Soon, the other group was back, and down we had to go.  I felt sad as it was such a PERFECT day!  The hike was not as hard as I had been lead to believe.  I guess everyone has their opinions about hikes, and they are not necessarily the same as mine.

I could have gone on another hike while the weather was still good, the next weekend the club hiked up Caledonia Mountain.  But I chose to stay home instead, and take some photos.  I'll post what I took in the next post.  Part of the reason that I chose to stay home was that the high of the day was going to 30 celcius!  And that's a bit much for me.  I really am liking that it's cooler now, as good as the summer was.

(It is a lot cooler now, I hate to think that Winter is on it's way.  But I am also so excited, for snowshoeing!!!)

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