Saturday, November 2, 2013

What? It's November already?! Biking Woes

"What do you mean we are in storage?  How could you!"

What?  What do you mean it is November? I swear that Summer was only a short time ago.

Not that has stopped me from riding around town still, although now I am bundled up. There was a threat of snow today, but none fell.  I know it's coming though!  Even though I've biked in Winter, people can't believe that I am biking in such cold weather.  No different then walking really, just dress for it!

Sadly though, I have no beater bike this year to ride on when the snow finally does fall.  Floyd bit the dust earlier this year, and I haven't found a replacement for her.  Or rather, I found a 'replacement', but I then fell in love with the bike and just can't bear to 'trash' it during the Winter.  Heck, I even put flowers on her so she's not even dressed for it! 
Does anyone else have this issue of not wanting to trash a bike?  Winters can be unforgiving on bicycles.   I really need a cheap bike that I can't possibly get attached to.  But I have 3 bikes now, and don't want more.  Where the heck would I put all of them, and how far do I go?  6, then 12, and before you know it, 24!  Yikes.

Though, some people at work are happy for the bike break as room is tight for my bikes, and they get rather annoyed about it.  The truth is that I just don't trust leaving them out all the time, even though I could lock it New York style with 3 locks.  The longer it sits, day after day, the more a target it becomes.  It's not like a car which you can immobilize.  (Fold-ups still tempting me)

I do see people riding their good bikes in the Winter, but the parts need to be replaced more often.  Is it worth replacing parts on a vintage Norco Mountain bike?  It's still in great condition even though I have (finally) been using it more. 
Baxter, the Norco, ready on a moment's notice

Baxter is downstairs ready for use when I need her, and the other 2 are keeping me company in my living room.  I will continue to use Baxter until the snow flies.  Then, like my inspirational walking friend, Debbie, I will walk around.  She walks up a hill to the university to work every day.  She keeps track of her walking and hiking, and so far this year, she's walked from the west coast of Vancouver Island to past Toronto!  Amazing!  I know I can do it, even though getting around is much slower then on a bike.

I am still going to keep my studded tires, as you never know!

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