Monday, November 4, 2013

Bike Racks Rant

I'm steaming mad.  The attitude towards cyclists sometimes gets to me.  I usually leave my bike inside, but today, I decided to lock it outside today at work.

This is what I found when I returned.

Boy am I pissed!  I've NEVER seen ANYONE take offence if I lock my bike on their racks.  There is only 2 racks near where I work, and the OTHER one is NOT bolted down, so it's completely useless.   Ok, you have a small rack, but there was no problem for another bike to be locked on it today..(I saw NO other bikes) and what's with the tiny rack anyways? We need more bike racks, what they have is a tiny amount.  Even grocery shopping, it can be tricky finding a place to lock the bike up - the replacement for one that recently rusted out there, is HALF the size of the other one.  What's with that?

But anyways, I think that BMO should put more racks up.. and the other one near another store, should be bolted down, what's with that...?  Why is it not bolted down?  I agree with a friend who said that unbolted bike racks are one of her big pet peeves.  (the other pet peeve was... you guess it - the lack of bike racks!)

I never want to get a car just show people that it is possible to live without a car, around town anyways!

Anyways, sorry about my mumble jumble, just trying to get the angry state of mind cleared out...

Anyone else deal with issues like this?

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