Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Slim Creek Provincial Park - Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers

On October 27, I joined the Ramblers for another exciting hike.  This particular day, we would be hiking in Slim Creek Provincial Park, just across from the Ancient Forest.  Even though it didn't get very warm that day, when the sun was shining, it seemed to warm things up a bit.  We had a good turnout of 12 people who wanted to explore the area.  As there is no trail, we would be bushwhacking, but it would turn out to not be nearly as bad as the infamous Ramblers bushwhack hikes with Mike Nash.

After we parked in a turnout along the highway, we soon entered the forest.  We were surrounded by ancient stands of Cedar and Spruce trees.  Many people visit the Ancient Forest, but few have explored here, so it felt really special seeing the ancient trees around us.  I have seen this area before, on snowshoes, but it was nice to see it before the snow came.

Big Spruce Tree

Another circle of trees

Despite the chill in the air, there was still lots of life around us.  I found many interesting mushrooms along the way on the forest floor and even on the trees!

Looks like it should be on an ocean floor
We took a lunch break by this tiny body of water that we have walked over while snowshoeing in the Winter.  There was a pretty mist that floated on it for a little bit.  After our break, we headed onwards.  We took the roundabout way to the highway as we were in no rush.  We even had time for some fun shots!


As we were leaving, the sunlight was filtering through the trees.  It was a largely overcast day, so it was nice to see the sun come out.  It was another awesome day with the Ramblers.  It couldn't get any better than that!  I look forward to the weekly hikes as I never quite know what to expect, even if I have been there before.

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