Monday, July 8, 2013

Pride weekend

This past weekend, there was a lot going on.  There was the BMO Art Days, the usual Farmer's Market, and the Pride Parade.

Before I started out, I saw these awesome I heart PG shirts.  I asked if I can take a photo of them with the shirts, and one of them, whom I know, gave me one after I took the shot.  How cool is that?  I really love Prince George, and now I can show it!  (besides here on the blog).  The shirts are to show support for public facilities like the pools, and libraries, which might be closed or privatized in the future during a City Review. I was born and raised here, so I think that it's important that those facilities are kept open and stay relatively affordable to all.   So I am even more proud to wear the shirt!

 Soon, the parade was ready to begin.  I found a good spot among the crowd to watch it.

Lots of goodies being handed out

There were a lot of goodies being handed out.  Though, I admit that I missed the necklaces that I got handed when watching the Vancouver Pride Parade a few years back.  There was one lady that was passing some out, but I didn't get any.

I could have been that Gorillia!

Couldn't have enough of the parade, went back for more!

Great to see the RCMP participate this year


PG Roller-Girls

There's that Banana and Gorilla again
After the parade, I went with my friend Cheyanne for a bicycle ride.  I managed to clock in another 53 kms!  I'm doing great training for Tour De Jasper which starts on July 17.

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