Monday, July 15, 2013

Just passing time

I love holidays!  Mine just begun the other day and I've taken the chance to rest for them to prepare for the active adventures ahead.  Today, I was feeling much too lazy.  Since the sun was out and it was warm again, I wanted to get outside to enjoy it!

I decided not to ride out of the City, but around it.  I managed to clock over 30 kms riding around and I might still get more by day's end.

I am already for Tour De Jasper which starts on Wednesday.  I've ridden around town the last few days getting any supplies that I needed.   Today, I picked up some various spare tubes for different wheels.  26 inch, 700s and even a 29 inch tube as someone on the tour has those sized wheels!  I've got cotton swabbing to find where the source of a flat is, and spare latex gloves for others who need it and don't want to get their hands dirty.

All packed up and ready to GO!

So I am ready!  While riding around I played with my camera.  Speaking of which, the Destination BC Blog goes live today, but is not open to public viewing until a few posted are posted.  I can't wait until I am able to post what I have created so far!  It has been VERY hard NOT to share photos of recent trips, even though some are awesome and I really want to show people them.  Patience is a virtue I guess.

Are you ready for some Adventure!?!

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