Tuesday, December 3, 2013

North Nechako Hills - Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers -

(Written on November 3)
Another weekend has come and there's still no snow!  It's a great day to get out to do another hike with the Caledonia Ramblers.  On Sunday, November 3, I joined them for a local hike up in the North Nechako area.  It was nice to be able to sleep in, but still take a hike in!

I am amazed at how many sunny days that we have been getting and this particular Sunday, it was no exception.  At least 19 people showed up to enjoy the good weather and views.

As we left where we had parked our cars, I was getting excited about seeing this group of larches that a person had planted in memorian.  It wasn't too hard of a hike though there was some climbing.

Soon, we reached the small grove of them.  They still had needles on them, though many were on the ground.  It was nice to see some yellow still as most deciduous trees have now lost their leaves.  We stopped for a bit time to enjoy snacks and the view of the Nechako River below us.

Hiking friends

Soon it was time to move on.  We explored around the area and had to do some bushwhacking.  It was a bit more then on the Slim Creek hike the weekend before, but we somehow managed.

Pilot Mountain
We came on to a clearing where we could see Pilot Mountain in the distance.  The club has it's annual Christmas snowshoe there every year. 

Mushrooms on a frozen ground
We soon found a trail again and continued on until we reached a beautiful viewpoint.  We stopped and had lunch there in the warmth of the sun.  Hard to believe that it's November!

After having our break, we headed down to the road.  We had to walk at least a km down it to reach our cars.  Along the way I saw this cool fish mailbox, it was similar to one that I had seen while riding down the Oregon Coast.

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