Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tis the Season for training

Training for big backpacking trip.
 Summer is approaching fast and so is my Summer Adventure training.  I am going to be riding to Jasper for my fourth time and then I will be hiking for 7 days on the West Coast Trail.  This is the LONGEST backpacking trip that I will have ever done.  And my pack will weigh a ton!

This past weekend I rode 60 kms on both Saturday and Sunday.  I took out my friend Peter on the Sunday ride as he is doing Tour De Jasper also.   I rode by myself to Tabor Mountain on the Saturday.

After riding we stopped to watch some cars racing
  I hiked on the Greenway for 13 kms a few weekends ago, and I am trying to carry the loaded pack during the week for 4 days.  I have stopped that for a few days this week as I am very tired!  I don't want to overdo it! But I know that I need to condition for both. Cross training is definitely a challenge for me, but I am doing it!  I plan to do more riding this weekend.  I want to be so comfortable with the pack when I eventually start the big hiking adventure!  And I know I am good on the bicycle, but I still need to do some conditioning for the bike trip also.
I did some backpacking on a local trail a few weekends ago


  1. Should be lots of fun on the WCT! Did it back in 2008, wasn't that hard, should be fine. Do the Juan de Fuca next, it has switchbacks instead of handy ladders...

  2. I can't wait to hike it! Getting all my stuff together now. I am crossing fingers that the weather will be awesome.



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