Saturday, June 22, 2013

Amazing Summer days!

Summer is here, yahoo!  I am so happy that the sun is out, and it is nice and warm.

The downside is that my apartment gets very hot inside, but the upside is I get to enjoy hanging around our local parks.  I had dinner at Rainbow Park today before visiting a friend who lived nearby.
Took my Big Red to Rainbow Park

After dinner, I played around with my camera bit... I love that there is so much colour right now.  There were even still some green trees in the park that weren't eaten up by the tent caterpillars.

 I went riding 40 kms today out East again, but didn't take any photos of that ride. I plan on riding tomorrow.  I have so many things going on right now, that I find that riding is a good way to clear my mind a bit.  Even though I only rode 40 kms out of town today, I still almost rode 60 kms today in total by riding around town afterwards!

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