Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 Bicycle Adventures - Part IV - Destination: Honeymoon Lake

Road to Honeymoon Lake Campsite

After spending the night at the hostel in Jasper, it was time to head out down the Icefield.  I said my goodbyes to the Adventure Cycle group and headed towards Jasper to stock up on food.  As I only planned on riding 50 km to Honeymoon Lake, I was in too much of a rush to leave.

I decided to ride only 50 km as it is all up hill and I didn't want to push it, though I could.  I just remembered how challenging it was the last time I rode it.  Of course, if I was up to it, I could continue on to the next campsite.
Looks like a Volcano in there
The weather was nice that day, but not too hot.   As the scenery was spectacular, I stopped a lot along the way to take photos and enjoy the views.

I had a lunch break at this view point and chatted with people from the US.  I offered to take a photo of the both of them with the view in the background.
This also sort of looked like a Volcano
 I reached the Honeymoon Lake campground by 2:30 pm, but I didn't feel like riding further.  So I found the same spot that I stayed at when I rode down with my riding buddy, Jim.  I even pitched my tent in the same exact spot!

I then rode down further a bit to explore one of small lakes nearby.
Lake just down the road from Honeymoon Lake

Back at the campsite, I visited with a couple from Edmonton who were headed to Calgary.  This was one of their favourite places to camp in the park.  I then napped, had dinner, watched some people canoeing, and explored around the lake a bit.  It was a bit laid back.  This is the life I tell you!  I like the feeling of not having to rush to do stuff.

Honeymoon Lake

I waited until the sun went down to catch another good sunset shot here. 

Watched some people canoeing
Before you know it, it was time for bed.  I was all eager for another day of adventure riding to the Columbia Icefield.

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