Saturday, December 8, 2012

Being Seen

I've been riding every day to work in the dark.  I have plenty of lights, but I am always looking for better ways to be seen.  I currently ride with a dark jacket/pants.  I would love to find a bright jacket that can keep me warm in the Winter.  I suppose wearing wool would do the trick, but I love my down jacket since I ride for only 5 minutes.

These two items recently caught my attention:

This is a cool 360 LED jacket that needs funding to be produced.  I am hoping that it makes enough, but if not, that they try again! It looks good, but not thick and warm for winter..  Still it would be good for tour riding too.

It has been created by Badger Gear

I seen one bright jacket with an LED light in the back, but this is so much better!

I also seen this back light that 'creates' a bike lane.  Pretty cool even though it's a bit pricey.

I've really been thinking about improving light as even with reflective gear and the lights I have, I wonder how effective it is. Recently two Joggers got run over by a car even though they were wearing reflective gear and lights...

I suppose no amount of safety gear will prevent that from happening...


  1. Thank you for taking the time writing this article. Even though we didn't reach our goal, we will continue find other ways to get this product out to the public. If you have any comments or suggestion on how to improve the jacket, please let us know. Write to us at

  2. I hope that it becomes reality, as it looks like a very visible jacket! I totally would buy one if it becomes available...

  3. Carolyn, Just want to let you know that we now on kickstarters!

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