Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Piderny Triangle

My gosh!  I am back in action.  I swear when the season changes, I get a lazy streak, or at least I think so, despite me riding to work every day on my bike.

Free at last!
I've started snowshoeing again with the Caledonia Ramblers as there now is enough snow to snowshoe, or sort of.  We still got caught in snags..

There were nine of us on this past Sunday's snowshoe trip at the Piderny Recreational Site which is located in the Northern part of the city. It was a nice temperature to snowshoe in, around -4 Celsius or so. Even though we only snowshoed for 4 hours, it was so nice to spend time outside again!

I get to lead next week's snowshoe trip which is also at Piderny.

Here's the cute trip report that this past weekend's leader, Nowell, wrote up for the Piderny Triangle trip:

A perfect day with fresh snow overnight to explore more areas, routes and trails at the Piderny Recreation Site. The trip began at The Gate by going N.W. and directly into the forest for about 30 mins of bushwhacking to an open area where we headed north to an old collapsed cabin.

After a few minutes of wondering what story lay behind the cabin, we carried on north over open areas and eventually through forest again where we found another log building which had four walls about 3 feet high - apparently a project started but never finished.

Although furnishings were spartan in the building - there was a table which prompted us to shrug off our packs and have lunch, after which we continued bushwhacking to another open area with several bald eagles soaring high above us.

We then reached the logging road that would take us N.W. to our next point known as "Ditch Pig" - a biking trail in the summer with hair-raising jumps along the way which now appear to be sleeping under their cover of snow. As we approached The Gate, we met our fellow hiker Boris taking his daughter out for a sleigh ride.

We were out for about 3 hours, and although our planned route is the shape of a triangle - our actual route with diversions and exploring looks more like a...well I don't know what it looks like except that it's not a triangle.

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