Saturday, June 21, 2014

Prepping for All Sorts of Summer Adventures!

I am all stoked about this Summer.  Got some riding to do!  I've been riding lots around the area to get trained for them.   During this past week, I've biked to West Lake, Shane Lake, and up to Pineview. I also have a Canoe/hike trip this Summer also, and recently took some fun canoe lessons to get ready for that.  While on the course, I met another person who likes to tour too, he's done lots in the USA.  I feel good that I am networking more.

Canoe lessons at West Lake
 I really enjoyed the canoe lessons. I took a 16 hour Tandom Lake Canoeing - Intermediate.  Our instructor was Rick Brine from Backwater Paddling.  I canoed as a child lots, but it was nice to learn all the strokes, how to keep the canoe from tipping, and how to get back into the canoe if we do tip.  Important information!

Loon at West Lake - Bike ride week after canoe lessons there

West Lake Bike Ride

Kayak on West Lake

Rode with my Amazing Race buddy,  Peter, to the Pineview area to Geocache
Some new friends
Bring on Summer!  (It starts today)

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