Monday, June 30, 2014

Long trip out to Mt. Magnus

It was going to be a crazy long drive out to Mt. Magnus, but I decided to go anyways!  I wanted to use the drive out to study canoes for a canoe exam that I would be having a day after the trip.  Good excuse, I'd say!  We drove for 4 1/2 hours which included a 12 km trip down the WRONG road.  When it started narrowing, we knew something was wrong.

Eventually, we made it to the trailhead.  The reason the drive took so long, besides the unintended detour?  A creek decided to take over the road that we used to take to the trailhead, and so we had to drive an extra 60 km on a different road instead to access the trail.

At the beginning of the trail, there's a creek to cross, and I was lucky to keep my feet dry by catching a ride with Don in his truck.  Some walked across though.

If I was planning to stay dry, that was wishful thinking.  It soon started raining on our way up, and my once waterproof jacket was waterproof no more!  (I since bought 2 replacement waterproof jackets- one for hiking and one for biking)
When we made it to the top it really started raining, but we did get a small window of views.
After hanging around at the beginning of the alpine, we elected to go back down.  3 hours later, we were in our vehicles for another 4 hour ride home.  Still, we all had lots of fun and if I had a chance to relive that day, I would still have chosen to come on it.

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