Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hiking Mt. Murray on second day of Summer

It may have been an early start to the day, but 19 eager hikers showed up at City Hall to enjoy the forecasted Sunny day in the Alpine.

 Some of the hikers almost didn’t make it on the hike as one of the cars broke a radiator hose on the way out.  Thankfully, one car only had 2 passengers and we managed to get everyone from the broken down car to the trailhead not too far down the highway.
The trail starts very steeply at the bottom, but after a couple of kilometres, it levels out somewhat.  We gained altitude very quickly!  Before you knew it, we were in the Alpine.

There were lots of flowers out including multi coloured Indian Paintbrush, Forget-me-nots, and others.  We continued up the ridge.  While  hiking up, 15 of the hikers on the trip did not notice that there was a Ptarmigan on the trail, and one person almost stepped on her eggs!  Luckily, that did not happen.
We continued up past a lake on to a ridge.

Here's some of the flowers that I saw.  I've posted more near the bottom of the post.

At this point, the trip leaders led most of the group down into a valley, while Dave King led another group higher up.  Due to some being tired, Dave decided that it was best to stay higher.  We explored around for a while before heading back to where we started climbing in the Alpine.

Here's more flowers to enjoy!  It was awesome to see so many this early

We waited there until we saw the other group, and then we headed down.  We all met at the parking lot.

It was a GREAT day to be in the Alpine!

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  1. I've always the alpine flowers/meadows on such mountain hikes. I assume you've been to Mt. Revelstoke National Park.



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