Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Bicycle Adventures - Part 1 - Escaping the heat

Time for some more riding!

This year I decided to stay closer to home.  I originally thought of bringing my bike back down to San Francisco to ride to the Mexico border, but since I decided to go to Peru next year, I wanted to save as much as possible.  I actually have the money for the Peru trip, but I want to keep as much as possible in the bank so that I can buy a plane ticket when the time is right.

Anyways,  I decided to bike first to Jasper.  I normally help out on Tour De Jasper, but since it was cancelled this year, I wanted to ride there independently.   I found out my friend, Mary-Jo, was heading out that way during the same time.  She's also a Tour De Jasper rider.

The first small leg that I took was 65 km to Purden Lake.  I left a day earlier then planned, so I could spend a full day at the lake in the blistering heat.  I stayed at the Private campground as it had showers and I could pitch my tent right beside the lake.
Vestibule keeps me cool!

A swim in the lake is real close!

I arrived early to beat the heat, and hanged around all day going in the water and reading a book given to me by my writer friend, Vivien. It was a pretty hazy day from all the fires, the sun was very red.  But it was much better out here then in the city, which was almost pitch black during the day at one point!

The next day, I decided to ride over to the Provincial Park and check it out.  While there, I met up with a fellow Rambler, Chris and his wife Maggie.  They were originally going to move on, but hanged around for another night.  It gave me a chance to hang out with them for the day.
It cleared up on the second day, thank goodness

Next morning, I met up with Mary-Jo and we had breakfast at the Purden Lake restaurant which serves great food!  We then loaded my bike up on the rack on her vehicle and off we drove.  We stopped in Mcbride where she showed me this cute store/B&B that friends of her own.

We continued on for a bit and then she dropped me off at a rest stop approximately 65 km from where she'd be camping near Mt. Robson. I then rode all the way to the campsite, meeting 2 riders along the way who were going West.
All ready to go to Mt. Robson

In the next blog post... spending time with friends at Mt. Robson.  Stay tuned!

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