Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 Bicycle Adventures - Part II - Mt. Robson with friends

We biked and we hiked.  Then we hiked and biked more!

In my last post, I was riding towards Mt. Robson after being dropped off just after Mcbride, by my friends. 

When I finally made it to the Robson Meadows campground, Mary-Jo asked me if I would like to ride another 14 km return trip to the Mt. Robson Visitor Centre down the highway a bit. As I felt like 65 km wasn't long enough for me, I joined them.  After visiting the centre, we rode down to a river and did a tiny bit of geocaching.  I was lucky enough to find it before the others!  On our way back, I also found another geocache along the way.  Haven't lost my touch.

On the 18th, we decided to go for a ride out East.  The day started out promising, but by the time we rode over 20 km, it started to rain.  Then one of the friends had a flat.  By the time we had figured out how to change it, it was pouring, so we headed back.  While riding, two semi trucks passed each other up the long hill and nearly clipped one of the riders.  Usually the trucks have gap to move over.

Watch out for the trucks!
Back at the campsite, we then decided to do a little hiking.  Our plan always was, bad weather - hike, good weather - bike.  We headed out to go to these falls.  (I had given my friends an extra pair of hiking boots ahead of time so I could do some hiking, but without having to carry them on my bike)
Robson Shadows Campground

Break along hill out of Mt. Robson
 We hike for a little bit, but due to time constraints, we had to turn back.  It was time for dinner in Valemont.  As it was my birthday, dinner was paid by my friends.  What a great way to spend a birthday, spending time in the mountains with friends, while doing youthful activities.

Hiking to Kinny Lake (photo courtesy of Wendy)

Washed out trail to Kinny Lake (photo courtesy of Wendy)

Relaxing and enjoying the view after a day of fun activities (photo courtesy of Wendy)
Check out the view from the cabin (photo courtesy of Wendy)
I forgot to mention that on the day we had to change a flat in the rain, a cyclist from Quebec came along and helped us.  He later visited us at the campsite.  He was thinking of sharing my site, if it was raining.   But it wasn't so after chatting with us for a little bit, he headed off West.
Cyclist from Quebec
On the last day I spent with my friends, we tried to hike up to Kinny Lake, but it tough going with all the flooded areas of the trail.  We made it pretty close though.  Afterwards, I hanged around the cabin prepping for the next day's ride while my friends or most of them, rode to the Visitor Centre and back again.  Every time we've done that ride during this particular trip, almost everyone had a flat due to all the wires on the road.  I checked my tires to see if there were any wires in it.    Thankfully not!  Thank you, my awesome Kevlar tires, the only way to ride!

I could have ridden to Jasper and back by myself, but this was a nice breakup to the trip and it was a lot of fun doing stuff with my friends.

In the next post, all about Jasper....

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