Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mt Robson and Jasper bike trip adventure

I have been having an awesome bike trip!

I first rode to Purden, staying a day at the lake.  I unexpectantly bumped inti hiking friends there and hanged around with them.  Next morning, another friend picked me up and dropped me off 70 km before Robson Shadows campsite.  I biked the rest of the way.

I spent a couple of days hiking and biking with them.  The I got dropped off 65 km before Jasper.  I rode fully loaded then to the Jasper hostel.  I met an organized Aventure Cycling tour starting out there on one of their first Canadian tours.

I rode the next day 50 km to Honeymoon Lake, then next day Another 50 km to the Columbia Icefields.   I explored around, before heading back to Jasper the next day.  I rode the whole 100 km to Jasper as it was easy going back, mostly downhil!

Good thing I did that as its raining today.

I do not have to leave until Sunday.  Relaxing, charging devices today.  Catching the train home....

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