Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bike Ride past Purden - Final prep for Summer of Adventures!

Well, it's almost that time of year for me again.  Bike Touring time, that is.  Every year I alternate, bike one year, then hike.  Actually, that's not true!  I always help out on Tour De Jasper, so I ride and hike.

This year there is no Tour De Jasper, but I still want to ride.  I am planning to ride to Jasper with friends.  And maybe more after.  It's been very hot now, 30 plus celcius.  But I am still riding despite the heat.

Almost set to go!

Yesterday I biked 70 km past Purden with my friends Mary-Jo and Paul.  I biked on a head with a loaded bike to practice for the big trip.  I was lucky enough to meet a rider from Bavaria, and rode with him for a while.  He rode all over Russia and Asia before catching a barge to Prince Rupert.  His destination?  South America.

Waiting for friends to catch up

Bike Tourist from Bavaria
Returning to Purden, I met another from Leeds, UK, and another from Montana.  What a busy bike touring season.  Makes me want to hop on my bike today.. but just a few more days till it's my time.

Before we left, me and my friends had a bite at the Purden Resort Restaurant which serves awesome food!

I won't be connected to the grid much on this particular trip, but I will post afterwards all about it!  This is the second time that I will be riding the Icefields.

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