Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014 Bicycle Adventures - Part III - Time to head out on my own

Time to myself (sort of)

After spending a few days with my friends at Mt. Robson, it was time to head out towards Jasper.  As I already did the hill a few days before and the morning looked gloomy, I decided to have Mary-Jo drop me off at Moose Lake. It was raining along the way, but by the time we reached the lake, it had stopped.

All set to go to Jasper!

After setting up my bike, and after saying my goodbyes, off I headed to Jasper.  While I stopped at another rest stop down the road, one of the friends that I spent time with at Mt. Robson, stopped to say hi.  I spent the rest of the day leisurely riding, trying to avoid the rain clouds following me.  It tried to rain near Jasper, but didn't amount to much.

After arriving in Jasper, I hanged around there for a bit, before riding up the hostel by the Whistlers.  After camping for 5 nights, it was really nice to sleep in a REAL bed!

While there, I met up with some Adventure Cycling tourists who were going to be riding the organization's first ride in Canada.. well one of two first rides in Canada as there is also one back East.

Guess what that is?
While they were prepping for their epic trip, I was doing the same for mine. That evening I had dinner with Wendy, whom I spent time with in Mt. Robson.  It was nice to have someone to hang around with in Jasper!

Next up:  Riding the Icefields, or more like to the Icefields and back.

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