Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change of seasons

Today is Fall.  It's been Fall for a bit here now.  The days are getting shorter and I've had to dig out my headlamp and use my knog.  I actually prefer it over my BLT light as it stays on my bike seat (hard to tell it's there) whereas the BLT light isn't as flexible where you can put it.  The knog goes on just anywhere.

I also got a Planet Bike BRT LED strap light from my Sister-in-law.  She doesn't need it but thought I could get some use out of it.  I sure have!  Any illumination helps.  I wear it on my right leg and it looks cool when it blinks.

The sun has been rising when I've been biking to work.  Next week I will be biking to work before the sun lights are a definite must!

I'll be biking as much as possible till the snow really falls.  I had luck and rode the bike most of the last winter, but I suspect more snow will fall this year.  I want to get a simple beater bike built this year- grocery getter, but I need to save money for a while.  I don't want to wreck the chain on my bike and I prefer fatter studded tires for the icy roads.  Mind you, I really miss shopping without the bike, it is not as enjoyable!  But Winter is not here yet, so still will be on the road.

I just hope I can keep my motivation up for this blog during winter as I often get the blahs. I have a Delhi2Dublin and an Arrogant Worms concert to look forward to this Winter, so not all is bad.  I think having to post here will help and so does working on the Rambler's hiking club website, keeps me going.

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