Sunday, September 26, 2010

River's Day Festival

After days of going through a big storm and lots of rain, the sun broke out today. Which is great, as there was the River's Festival today at the local park. This year is it's 10th year in our City.

It was nice to bike there and hang around without having to bundle up. I waited for a friend I know to show up. I didn't call him beforehand, but figured because it was so nice outside and there was free music, that he'd show. And he did!  There were lots of bicyclists out today.  One lady at a stand asked me if I really had biked to there.  She thought it was a bit cold for that.   I told her I bike till the roads get really icy and that if I had a better winter bike, I'd bike through winter.

I got to see some good music including a fiddler who performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. You might remember him as the guy with the Mohawk. This time round he was wearing a hat. Good fiddler though and it turns out that I know his Mother! What a small world.

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