Sunday, March 9, 2014

Snowshoe Volleyball at the 2014 Pineview Frolics

There are many ways to have fun in the winter in Canada.  You can ski, skate, and snowshoe.  Well, there is another fun way to enjoy the winter while using snowshoes, Snowshoe Volleyball!  Last weekend, I had a chance to watch it live at the Pineview Snow Frolics.

I've been lucky enough to see Volleyball action in the summer, when I was biking through Oregon as you can see from the photo below.  Now, that was pretty cool as the beach was full of endless volleyball nets at the biggest Beach volleyball tournament in the USA.

 I bet though, that you've never thought of it as an outdoor Winter sport.  Well, those of us living in Canada try not to let a little cold and snow from having fun.  The Pineview area near Prince George has hosted the Snowfrolics for many years.  They have other fun activities in the winter festival such as Winter Softball (OTL), bingo, dances, and lumberjack sports)

The team members dress up in some neat team uniforms.  My friend Kim, was on the Fembot team.

While watching the various events, you can enjoy some beer or food at the indoor beer garden which is also a great place to warm up from the cold.  It was a rather chilly -20 celcius with a colder windchill when I was there.

To give you a taste of what Snowshoe Volleyball is like watching, here is a short clip that I took.

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