Saturday, March 22, 2014

Snowshoeing with the Ramblers - Tabor/Birchleg Tour


On a bright sunny day in January, the club returned to Tabor Mountain to participate in the Birchleg Tour.  There is both skiing and snowshoeing happening that day.  We were supposed to go around and come back in time for some hot dogs.  But it didn't quite turn out that way.

We waited until there was an announcement that the tour was starting,  Then we were on our way! It was pretty easy going over the snowmobile tracks.

But eventually, we turned off the main trail and kept on going thinking we were on the right trail.  There were others with us who weren't on the club trip.  Most turned back.

Eventually, we made it to a shelter, and by that time we realized that we were off track and wasn't going to make it back to the parking lot for treats.  A couple in the group didn't realize that they were on a Rambler's trip and so hadn't brought lunch.  Luckily, they brought snacks, though many of us offered them some of our lunch.

After Nowell looked ahead, as we wanted to do a loop, it was decided that we'd return the way we came.  Eventually, we walked up the road to the parking lot, although two people decided to walk the trail back.  They arrived at the parking lot about the same time that we did.
(photo below courtesy of Brendon M.)

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