Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Snowshoe Trip with the Ramblers - Ginter's Field/UNBC

On Sunday, February 16, I returned to Ginter's field with the Caledonia Ramblers. After staying home the weekend before because of the extreme cold, it was refreshing to go outside and enjoy the sun in warmer temperatures.

 We parked at the same spot that we did the last time that we snowshoed here.  We walked up a path away from the city bowl.
 Before long, you couldn't imagine that you were so close to a city, it was so peaceful!  The sun followed us on the side.

We had to do quite a bit of climbing to get up to the university.

One we made it to UNBC, we went behind again, but explored further then last time.  Along the way we checked out this Chickadee nest box.

We were all glad to see the university in view after awhile as we were all hungry!  But before we would stop there for lunch, we took a group shot.  And Lisa had a bit of fun going down the hill afterwards.

UNBC with the McGregor Mtns. in the distance

We stopped in at the university for lunch, where we spent 1 hour!  One of the members of the club stopped by, he couldn't snowshoe with us that day as he was teaching a class.  This was one awesome place for a club lunch.  There were couches to sit on and it wasn't cold.
BEST Rambler's lunch spot ever!
 I even made some new hiking friends.
Afterwards, we headed down towards Ginter's Field where we eventually found our vehicles.  All in all, a fantastic day to be out!

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