Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caching and helping out.

This past Sunday, I decided to help work on the Ancient Forest Boardwalk.  I restacked lumber so it won't rot during winter and I nailed some railings. Can you believe that the boardwalk has received over $24,000 in donations this year so far?  The support from the community has been unbelievable!  This is our profile at Canadahelps where one can donate towards it.

It was a rainy start to the day.  We didn't leave till 8am, but even with the time change I woke up at 5 am! Before I realized my mistake I had brewed a nice pot of coffee and I stayed up because it seemed such a shame to waste it.  I lots of time to relax before heading out.  I was actually reconsidering going out and had phoned once to cancel going, but then I changed my mind and phoned back.  What else could I do that day anyways?  Might as well help out!

I get to hammer away.
My big reason for wanting to go was I wanted to move a few travel bugs into a Geocache at the Ancient Forest.  It took a little bit to find, but eventually I did!  My friend who put it there did a nice job at hiding it.

Before and after helping with the boardwalk, I got my ride to stop at this particular place 32km from the Ancient Forest.  I really wanted to lay my first geocache there.  I went there first to lay it and get a reading, then I returned to get another reading so I could get fairly accurate coordinates for the cache listing.  It showed up as close when I wrote up the cache listing, but when it was posted this morning, I noticed that it had moved a bit on the google maps.

I am a bit worried that the readings will lead geocachers astray in the forest.  I do know that gps coordinates are never spot on, intentionally, but I do want to lead the cachers somewhat near the cache.  Hopefully Google maps are wrong!  It's weird though, how it shifted positions from when I submitted the listing to when it was published.
The cache on the left is what I just hid this weekend. 

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