Thursday, November 25, 2010

Festival of Trees

It's that's time of year again, the Festival of Trees has returned!

I volunteered on Saturday in the Children's Craft area, and I will be volunteering this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I walked here as it was too miserable and I live only a 5 mins walk away anyways. I did venture out with my bike on Sunday so I could look for a certain bottle of wine that I was looking for (no luck finding it) and do some shopping.  I stopped by the festival to look at the trees as on Saturday, I had no time to look at them!

There's even a nice kids mountain bike to win.

I loved this piece.

Heh, I can enter to win Hiccups Dragon Christmas.

It's been snowing lots so I've been walking to work this week.  It's really not too bad as it's only a 20 min walk away and it's still green.  I gave in and bought bus tickets today for those really cold days, but I will still walk in the morning unless really cold, then I will take cab as there is no bus service when I go to work.  I am hoping it will be like last year where I can use the bike more in January, but the weather forecast says for lots of snow this winter.  I will try to ride here and there, especially for grocery shopping as it's much easier shopping that way.

I prefer the snow over cold though, even if it makes for tough biking.  It's actually quite mild now.  But Winter is most definitely here!

I can't get at my geocache 70 kms away.  I suppose that's one bad point of not having a vehicle.  I am hoping it'll stay dry.  I have a geocoin with instructions and a log book that I don't want to get wet.  I may have to dig it out with a shovel when I finally do get a way to get to it!  Oh well, I'm sure it's ok as it's in as sealed
(hopefully still) ziploc bag  in a tupperware container.

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  1. I really should get out to see the festival of trees this year. What time do you start work? I think it is great that you try to ride or walk everywhere. You must be glad it has warmed up. Thanks for the comment on my resurrected blog.



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