Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snow's a falling..

Yep, Winter has arrived here.  But has that stopped me from being on my bike?  Nope.  I took off the Axiom bags that I am borrowing from a friend and put on my 'Superstore special' basket onto the back rack.  I didn't want to get the bags dirty.

And despite needing Winter gloves for the last bit, today was actually quite warm.  I could use my Autumn gloves which gave me enough warmth.  I was actually too warm biking up to mall with my down jacket on.

I completed my Christmas shopping, then I biked to grocery store.  I didn't feel like biking home to drop stuff off and then bike back to grocery store in the strong headwinds coming from the South, so I carried my gifts with me while grocery shopping.  I had to show the clerk when I paid that the gifts were from another store(s), but that was totally understandable.

I also snuck some geocaching in as I wanted to drop off 2 geocoins that I picked up at the Ancient Forest Travel Bug Hotel  What a great day to be on a bike, the sun was shining, it was fairly warm, and I got to do a few things today while being out of the house.  And I've just went over the 4600 km mark now..and heading to 4700.  I got a few scratches on top of the diamond, not sure where those came from.  Got my 'black' stickers standing by if I ever should need them.

Speaking of geocaching, 6 days after I hid it, and 4 days after it was published, someone found my Grand Canyon of the Fraser cache today!  I was worried that I got the coordinates wrong, even though I came there twice that day to double check readings on my GPS.  I had originally left a note about that on my listings page for the geocache, but decided to remove it and see if anyone had troubles finding it.  Then I would go back out the 70 kms to get another reading.  Whew!  But the fact that someone found it without troubles means I don't have to do that.  I suppose that being a newbie at this has it's moments.  I am glad that I can confirm that I know how to use a GPS.

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