Saturday, December 3, 2011

Festival of Trees 2011

 This past week I volunteered at the Festival of Trees.  It ran from November 18th until November 27th.

First Weekend-

Even though it was particularly hard to leave the house on Saturday morning because of the cold weather outside, I had to go out to vote and then to volunteer. 

I always love how they decorate trees.  Having all those presents around a tree would be a child's dream!  It was neat seeing the little children enter the hall with their eyes wide open with excitement.  I did 2 shifts of volunteering, both as a Greeter, taking tickets from the guests as they enter.

It was great meeting all the customers that I know from work and friends that dropped by.  The Festival of the Trees is a fundraiser for the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.  It was busier on Sunday morning.  But as the days progress, it will get busier.

I rode Baxter to the Civic Centre where the Festival is being held.  Before riding there, I rode to a nearby school where I voted in the local Municipal Elections.  After volunteering I took Baxter to the grocery store where I stocked up on groceries.  He is so versatile!  He's as good to me as my Rocky Mountain is to me in the Summer.  It's good that unlike Floyd, he has fenders AND a rack, as that makes him so much more  practical for commuting around town.  And he seems to like tackling the snow, going through it like nothing is there!  He's definitely the 4-wheeler of bicycles.

Second Weekend:  I still volunteered at the Festival despite being under the weather a bit.  This weekend, I volunteered as a Rover, which basically meant wandering around making sure all was well. It was noticeably busier this weekend then the last weekend.  People like to procrastinate until the last moment, it seems!
I love this circa 1965 Dollhouse
Fully Restored
Some original furnishings
I had a chance to look at the trees in detail.  There was also some awesome entertainment on the last day, Sunday November 27th.  Judy Russel's group (local dancing group) performed, and they were amazing!

Afterwards, I picked up some postcards for Postcrossing at Books and Company and it started to snow.  I wonder if there will be enough snow for the first official Rambler's Snowshoe trip on December 18th?

Baxter got caught in a little bit of snow

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