Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Lost Art Of Letter Writing - Prince George Correspondents' Club

On Monday, I rode my bicycle over to Book's and Company for their first Correspondent's Club event.  As I love writing postcards, I thought that I should attend it and meet other letter writers.

It was a slick ride over as I used Floyd as I don't want to dirty Baxter anymore then I have to.  The only problem is that Floyd doesn't have quite as knobby tires as Baxter.

I actually brought along a few 'bonus' Christmas cards along to send out.  I already had sent some via Shutterfly, but since I needed reasons to write letters, I brought some Cards that I have laying around along.
I kept busy writing letters
I was worried that not many people would show up, but at 6 or 7 attended.  The club will be meeting once a month.
Nice letter writer turnout!
 A few of my friends will be getting surprises in their mailboxes. It was hard choosing who to write to.
I also wrote a couple of postcrossing cards out, one to Poland, and one to Cleveland, Ohio.  As I forgot my stickers, a fellow writer let me use hers.

This postcard is going to Poland
I was the only postcard writer there.  I used to write and had penpals when I was a teenager.  I like writing postcards because it's short and sweet.  Also, with Postcrossing, I like getting surprises in the mailbox from strangers with the same passion.  I did write quite a bit in each Christmas card though.

The writers had some very nice stationary!  One of the them gave me an address of someone in Quebec who makes very pretty postcards.  Maybe I'll get more into letter writing one day, but Postcrossing keeps me busy enough! On the same day that I went to this event, I received 2 postcards, one from Germany and this one from Denmark.
I received this Bike themed postcard from Denmark

While writing on a card, I spotted these cool Where's Waldo postcards from the corner of my eye, literally.  So, I bought them!  They will be an entertaining postcard to receive.  There's 30 postcards in the book.  I wonder if one day I can find a book of bicycle themed postcards?  Hmmm.
Where's Waldo?

Time passes rather quickly when you are writing postcards and before I knew it, it was time to go home!  Floyd was all ready to take me home.  Using the bike makes attending events like this more practical as I'd waste time walking there or taking the bus.  I could bike home in 5 minutes!  I just had to be careful of the ice.
Floyd all lit up.
Thanks Book's and Company for starting such a fun club!  And thanks for the free stamps.


  1. Hi Carolyn, I love letter writing letters myself and am really getting into mail art. I love stationary, note cards, papers and also make my own cards. I just bought yet another fountain pen and just found 2 new penpals in England and Scotland. Today at work I was trolling secretary desks as my secret wish is to have a fantastic litte desk to write and write and write and write upon! :)

  2. It is a lot of fun! I am glad that my Sister-in-law got me into Postcrossing. I miss writing stuff like that. There is so much neat stuff out there to write on.

    It may be a bit harder finding postcards, but if one looks, there is also some nice stuff. Trying not to look at Etsy until the New Year... :) And right now I've got this urge to go buy some more stickers.



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