Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ride to Fort George Park

Today is the perfect day for a ride with Baxter.  Despite my hesitation about getting him dirty, I took him for a ride. It is just below 0 C, so it's not too slushy.   I first took him grocery shopping, and then as I returned home, I really wanted to enjoy more time with him outside, so I took him to Fort George Park.

It was more icy by the park, so I walked the bike in that area as I still don't have studded tires at this time.  Still, it was more fun bicycling outside then it would be riding my Rocky Mountain on the trainer inside.  That'll be good for those extreme snowy days!

It is actually quite a nice day out there, not too cold and not overly cloudy.  There were a few people walking around the park.
Fraser River is still not frozen

A little bit of dirt got on him, but it is easy to wipe it off.  I brought a pail of warm water outside to give him a little rinse.  I really should clean Floyd too when I have a chance as he's really dirty.

I did have one tumble this week on Baxter as I was turning into Spruceland Mall.  Luckily, I was going slow and made a very quick recovery! I was not wearing my helmet because it was -14 C and my winter hat doesn't fit under my bike helmet very well.  A driver saw me fall, and I wondered if he thought that I was some dumb bicyclist who doesn't wear a helmet!   So, right after the fall, I bought a headwarmer band at Sportmart (in the mall I was at) so that I could wear my helmet at all times but keep my head and ears warm.  And I won't ever have to worry about looking like an idiot again if I fall without a helmet on because I now have no excuse NOT to wear the helmet!  Never mind hurting myself by not wearing one, especially in the Winter.
A cheap investment

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