Saturday, January 25, 2014

Amazing Race Canada 2014 Application

Late last year, me and Peter reapplied for the 2014 Amazing Race Canada.  I was so happy that Peter wanted to try for it again.  This year we literally waited until almost the last moment to put together an audition video to submit.  But we did it!  I haven't actually seen the video that Peter worked on, but I will be getting a copy from Peter to post online next weekend.

Unfortunately, we received an email the other day saying that we weren't selected for interviews.  As thousands have applied, I wasn't surprised.  Maybe I'm a little disappointed, but I am realistic about the odds of getting a callback.  I know though, that we still had better odds then those that didn't apply.   And we did have a lot of fun making this year's audition video!  I want to thank Peter for working over the holidays to edit the video and submit it to CTV!  All I had to do besides shooting for the video, was answering some life changing questions on Christmas Day.

My favourite part of shooting the video was when we wrote Amazing Race in the snow - Peter wrote Amazing, I wrote Race!

Anyways, when I get the video, I will post it on Youtube for all to see.  I am hoping that Peter will be up to it to apply for a 3rd time.  I know that I am, no matter the odds!  And in the meantime, even though I may have not made it to the Amazing Race Season 2, but I will continue to have my own EPIC adventures!

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