Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Backside to UNBC hike with the Caledonia Ramblers

On Sunday, November 10, I was very excited to get a chance to practice using my compass.  It has been sitting in a box for a few years, since the last Rambler's compass session.

Twenty people joined the leader Nowell, on the hike behind UNBC.  The club had extras for those who did not have a compass.

We parked some of the vehicles by the University.  Nowell then showed us the exact location of the parking lot, the direction that we had to head to.

 We then drove the rest of the vehicles to the start of the hike, 7 or so km South.  As we started hiking, we all pulled out our compasses.  Our mission was simple, to find the newly created 'Backside to UNBC' bike trail using our compasses.

Photo courtesy of Nowell Senior
We walked on trails, then we had to bushwhack.  We used the help of others to avoid going through big obstacles like fallen trees.  Everyone had a chance to lead the group for a little bit.

 Soon, we found the trail!  Yeh!  We then kept on walking and once in a while Nowell would ask us to point to where the parking lot was located.
Flagging on trail
Before you know it, there was the parking lot.  It is great to finally get to practice using the compass.  It's been sitting around for years unused.  It's still good to use along with GPS, but unlike a GPS, it doesn't run out of power!   I think that everyone that like the outdoors learns how to use a compass.

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