Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowshoeing with the Ramblers - Wilkins Park

Despite it being a chilly morning on Sunday, December 8, we had eight people show up for the hike.   As there wasn't still enough snow in the bush, we didn't need to use snowshoes.We did two hikes on the trip.  After hiking around Wilkins Park which is next to the Nechako River, we drove down the way a bit to do another quick hike along the river. 

On the first, we walked around Wilkins Park which is on the outskirts of the city along Otway Road.  It was easy going without needing to use our snowshoe.  Along the way, we saw some Bald Eagles, there are quite a few of them that live by the Nechako River..  One of the flew near us!  There was some very nice views of the Nechako River along the way.  There was a lot of mist rising, from the still open water.  Soon though, it will all freeze over.  Soon we were back to our cars, and headed to the next trail, further down Otway Road.

After we parked our vehicles, we walk down the trail to the railway tracks.  Nowell checked for trains before we walked down it.  A little ways down, we walked down to the river.  It was more frozen here then at the other place, but there were some open spot where you could see the water flowing freely.  We walked along it for a bit before returning to our vehicles.  As we were leaving, a train went by!  Soon, we were on our way home after a nice day out, wishing that the next weekend would arrive quickly so that we could hike again.

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