Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hiking with the Caledonia Ramblers - Ginter's SW loop

The snow had to come sooner or later.  And on Sunday, November 17, it came on the day we hiked through Ginter's Park.  But this was just the start of it, so we didn't need to use our snowshoes yet.  There was a smaller group, perhaps more were scared off by the snow, but not me!  I LOVE snow!  I really do.
Soon, we were off walking up slowly towards UNBC.  This area is a great place to hike or snowshoe, as there are tons of trails in the area.  Ginter's Field was once a farm and then hosted some Army Barracks during WWII.  Now it's a city park where a lot of people like to walk their dogs.

Along the way, we practised using our compasses.  Everyone took a turn heading North using their compasses to lead the way.

There are also many bike trails in the area, and there are some biking that aren't being used anymore, and many include old jumps that are barricaded off.
Along the way we took a snack/lunch break.

Soon, we reached the university, and walked for a bit in the forest behind it.   We even managed to have a little fun!  First Snow Angel of the Season, yeh!
There was some cool snow caves probably built by a student.
We even had time to drink some beer and watch the game.
All in all, it was another fun day out with the Ramblers. I can never be disappointed spending my time with them!

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