Saturday, February 1, 2014

Peter and Carolyn's Amazing Race Audition Video - Season 2

As previously mentioned, Peter and I reapplied for the Amazing Race this year.  We weren't going to let the fact that we didn't receive a callback stop us from trying to get on the show.

I was quite laid back about the whole thing beforehand, I wasn't sure if we would actually make a video.  But we did, at the very last moment!  We went out to the Forests for the World and shot there during a snowstorm.  For being so laid back about it, I sure got excited fast and showed my true self!  I was a bit worried about it because I had troubles thinking of ideas for the video beforehand.  I was almost going to throw the towel in.

As the video was unscripted, it worked in my favour.  Once we were out shooting and Peter's straight man sense of humour came out, it was easy to get excited.  Perhaps too excited!  But that's me I tell you, with a TON of energy.  When I was growing up, I would get embarrassed about it, but you know what, so what! Life is meant to live and have FUN!  And I am very enthusiastic about having fun and don't like negative people.  I always try to look on the positive side of life.

While I only had to answer life changing questions on Christmas Day, Peter diligently worked to get the video finished, and stayed up to midnight on Christmas Day uploading the video and application to CTV in time for the Boxing Day deadline.  I recently gave him a token of apprecition for all his hard work.

We may have not made it on to Season 2, but I still think that the video isn't too bad.  As a side note, you can't see what we are writing in the snow very well on You Tube, but Peter is writing Amazing and I am writing Race!  Great choice of music, Peter.

Alright, enough ramblings.  I hope that you enjoy the latest video, it's quite different from the last one!

And YES, we WILL be reapplying for Season 3!!!!  (Already have VERY crazy ideas for the video)

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