Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Sunny February walk around Prince George

After having cold weather last weekend which was a long one in BC, it was refreshing to see it warm up and still be sunny! After having a rather boring weekend as I didn't feel like venturing outside very far, I was so excited to go for a walk.

I walked up to by the casino and down the path that I like to bike down.  It is so nice to see all the paths cleared!

 Along the way, I spotted Mr PG as he peaked out above the snow, and I checked out one of Prince George's roundabouts, which reminded me of the time I had visited Europe.

I may not have been on top of a mountain or in the bush, but the views were still very scenic!

On the way back to home, I walked down another path that I like bicycling on, well, except when there was the DREADED caterpillar invasion!  You can  in the one shot, children sliding down a popular winter hill.  I also was able to see some local wildlife, which is pretty cool.

I feel so much better getting out.  I cannot wait until tomorrow's snowshoe with the Ramblers!

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